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A proud son of the Genesee, Philip Night decided to become a filmmaker at the early age of 13. Born at the dawn of the 90’s, he was raised on a steady diet of Tarantino, Burton, and Fincher. It wouldn't be long before he picked up his first video camera – Philip would then go on to shoot and direct over twenty short films – before graduating from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, where he earned his bachelor of science in just under twenty-two months.

Since then, Night has gone on to create content for over a hundred clients – writing, directing, and editing a broad slate of projects, ranging from music videos and documentaries, to advertisements for Inc. 500 companies.


“As a passionate, creative filmmaker, I believe in putting my skills and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. The end result? Coming up with ideas that really impress. 

If you want to collaborate on an ad, a music video, a documentary — or anything in between, get in touch with me today!”

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